Project Description

Floral Tattoos

Stand out from the crowd

Our unique and beautiful floral tattoos are sure to be a hit at your next event. From your Quinceañera to prom, and any event in between, a floral tattoo will make you feel so very special. Want to add an etherial, natural touch to your wedding day? Commission a stunning floral tattoo. Floral tattoos are also perfect for costumes, fairs and festivals.

  • Full Arm

  • Hand & Wrist

  • Neck & Collarbone

  • Crown

Flowers By You has made my life so much easier, before Flowers By You came into my life, every dinner party invitation, hostess gift, client gift took so much thought and effort. Now I just tell Kathryn the occasion and she puts together the perfect arrangement. Everyone treasures my gifts now and thinks I have much better taste than I really do.
Caroline Krumel